It is illegal to send e-mails, without first obtaining consent from a mailing address, to be processed as data for commercial purposes. Our staff strives daily to protect sensitive user data and has a zero tolerance policy for the illegal use of users’ emails.

What is Our Company ?

Our company is an e-mail sending service that allows users to reach an extensive number of e-mail recipients.

How is your privacy protected?

By agreeing to our contract, all our clients automatically agree to use our service under the terms permitted by law. All violations of the anti-spam laws, clearly outlined within our contract, are penalized financially. All of our clients are required to obtain consent from users’ e-mail addresses, to be used as data for commercial purposes, before loading their lists of contacts within our database.

What are the penalties applicable to customers who send spam?

  • Account suspension for one week after the first abuse report.
  • Account suspension for two weeks after the second abuse report.
  • Definitive suspension of the account after the third abuse report.
  • Immediate suspension of the account in the event of abuse reported by spamtrap.
  • A penalty amounting to Rs. 5,0000.00 for each blacklist in which our IP’s or domains are inserted as a result of spamming.
  • In severe cases, we proceed by reporting the matter to public authorities.

How can I delete my e-mail address from a mailing list?
You can cancel your e-mail subscription by simply clicking on the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of the newsletter you receive. By clicking on the link you will take you to unsubscribe page and you will be unsubscribed.

I received a spam message and want to report it. How can I do that?
In order to protect the privacy of our users we have set up a department specifically dedicated to the protection of privacy and the management of e-mail abuse. We are constantly monitoring our customers’ activity in order to guarantee compliance with the law. If you believe you are a victim of spam, or you want to report abuse, you can forward the newsletter to us:

Once we receive your report we will check our users’ breach of contract and take immediate action.